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                     TAX SALE INFORMATION
To review entire Missouri Statute outlining laws for tax sales in Missouri, click here.

Buying property at tax sale is very risky and has several restrictions.  The tax sale is very different from foreclosure sales conducted on the courthouse steps by trustees for lending institutions.

·It is strongly recommended by the Collector’s Office to seek legal advice regarding further information on your rights as a tax sale purchaser.

·Real estate that has three years delinquent taxes must be offered for sale to discharge the lien for the delinquent and unpaid taxes. (RSMo 140.160)

·Tax sale is held on the east steps of the Courthouse on the 4th Monday in August, beginning at 10:00 a.m.  (RSMo 140.170)

·Properties subject to sale are advertised in The Daily Star-Journal for three consecutive Fridays prior to the tax sale, with the last advertisement being 15 days prior to sale date.  (RSMo 140.170)  

·The taxpayer has the opportunity to pay the taxes in full prior to the sale and a very high percentage is paid after advertising and before the sale.

·Buyers must be present to bid.  Bidders must register in the Collector’s Office and complete an affidavit stating they are not delinquent on any tax payment on any property.  (RSMo 140.190) Registration will begin at 9:00 a.m. on the morning of sale.

·If bidder is not a Missouri resident, they must appoint a citizen of Johnson County as their agent and they must consent in writing to the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court of the county.  (RSMo 140.190)

·The sale is conducted in a public auction style, with an opening bid of the amount to cover all taxes, interest, and charges thereon. 

·At the conclusion of the sale, the purchaser shall IMMEDIATELY pay the amount of bid to the Collector, and will receive a Certificate of Purchase.  Purchaser is also responsible for all subsequent taxes.  (RSMo 140.280 & .290)

·Any surplus paid over the opening bid shall be deposited with the County Treasurer and may be claimed by the owner.  If not claimed within three years, the surplus is distributed among the schools. (RSMo 140.230)

·Purchaser shall not be entitled to possession during the one-year redemption period.  Homesteads also have special restrictions.  (RSMo 140.310)

·No compensation shall be allowed for improvements made before the expiration of one year from the date of sale for taxes.  (RSMo 140.360)