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Why make checks payable to Ruthane Small personally?
Because of bonding requirements.  The bonding company must insure an individual, rather than the county or an office.  One person has to be responsible for the money during the collection process until all funds are distributed to the taxing entity.  Ruthane Small is the elected County Collector to have this reponsibility.

How is money distributed and does it earn interest?
Daily deposits are made into an interest bearing account and copies of the deposit are given to the Auditor.  Taxes are distributed monthly as itemized on your tax statement. Interest earned is distributed annually to the taxing districts on a pro-rata basis.

Why pay same tax on real estate and personal property?
Like sales tax, you pay tax on each item.  If you buy shoes and a shirt, you pay sales tax on both.  You pay school tax on your vehicles and you pay school tax on your real estate (home).

I did not receive a tax bill, why do I owe penalties?
If you do not receive a tax bill by December 1, it is a good idea to call the office.  However, Missouri law 52.240 states Ö failure to receive the tax notice in no case relieves tax liability imposed by law.  Tax statements are mailed each year in mid-November to the last known address on the Assessorís books.

Why pay school tax, I have no students in school?
In order to fund a public school system, everyone contributes.  If only those who had students in school paid a fee, we would have all private schools.

Why are my taxes higher this year?
Two things affect the amount of tax - value and levies.  If you bought a different vehicle, chances are it is worth more than your old one.  The tax levies can only be raised by voter approval.