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I no longer own a vehicle on the tax bill or I bought a new one.  Why should I still pay taxes on the old one?
People change automobiles so frequently that the state law requires you to pay taxes only on what you own on January 1.  The purchase date will indicate whether or not it should be itemized on the receipt.

Why are my taxes higher than my friendís -- they own more vehicles.
The tax is based on value not the number of vehicles.  Your car may be newer or more valuable than the total of all of theirs. 

I recently bought the property.  Do I owe the entire tax bill?
Yes.  At the time of closing, you should have received credit from the seller for their portion of the taxes.  You would take this money and add your portion to pay the entire bill.  Questions regarding the transaction should be directed to the closing agent.

My mortgage company escrows my taxes.  Will I receive the bill? 
No.  Your mortgage company must request the taxes each year in writing from our office.  If you receive the tax bill, it indicates your mortgage company did not request it. You will need to forward it to them for payment.  Your mortgage company should provide an escrow statement to you at the end of the year showing the amount paid for taxes.

I want to change the name on my real estate.
A deed must be filed in the Recorderís office to change any name on real estate.  If you feel the name on your tax bill does not match your deed, please contact the Assessorís office.