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DECEMBER 31 -- is the most important date to remember.  All tax payments must be paid or postmarked by December 31 each year to avoid penalties and interest.  Interest amount changes beginning of each month.  Please refer to the payment chart on the tax statement or call the office for payoff. 

-- current year tax bills mailed.  If you do not receive a tax bill by December 1, please contact the Collector's office.  Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve the obligation to pay taxes and applicable late fees. 

JANUARY 1 -- Assessor mails new assessment lists for Personal Property declaration.  Every person owning tangible personal property must return a listing of those items to the Assessor's office so they can determine its value. 

MARCH 1 -- personal property assessments lists must be returned to the Assessor's office declaring tangible property owned as of January 1, otherwise, a tax bill will not be made for the current tax year. 

JUNE & JULY -- assessment appeals process by Assessor's office and Board of Equalization.  Contact the Assessor for more information regarding this process.

OCTOBER 1 -- Assessor closes the files so the Collector can print current tax books upon certification of levies from State Auditor's office.  Real Estate transfers after that date will be reflected on the next year's tax books.  Taxes are usually pro-rated at the time of closing between buyer and seller, however, taxes become the responsibility of the current owner when due.  


Double check that your vehicles are listed correctly on your personal property tax statement.  Year, make & model.  This information is taken directly from the assessment list you reported to the Assessor and should list the vehicles you owned as of January 1of the taxable year.  Also verify that you are assessed in the correct districts in which you reside in.  Contact the Assessor's office if you need to make any changes or corrections.  660-747-9822