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4 Convenient ways to pay:

In person:    Johnson County Collector's Office 
                          1310 S Maguire, Ste A
                          Warrensburg MO 64093
                          8:30 - 4:30 Monday thru Friday
                          Special hours & closures are posted on Home page             

Drive-up Dropbox:  Two locations for your convenience. One is located on the Northwest
corner of the courthouse square at the intersection of Maynard and Market Streets.
And a second drop box is located at our new location 1310 S Maguire St.  Both are picked up
daily.  Receipts will be mailed back to address on tax bill unless otherwise stated.

U.S. Mail:      Payments received by U.S. Mail are deemed paid by postmark date.  All payments received after December 31 in the year they were due must include penalties and interest as set out in Missouri statutes.  Paid receipt will be mailed back.  If mailing a payment between December 20-31, it may take up to 10 business days for processing due to the high volume of mail received at that time.  It is recommended that you verify hours for the post office on Dec. 31 if mailing that day.  New this year, a convenient mailing label was enclosed with your statement.  Just peel it off, affix to any envelope, and add correct postage. 

Online:   Click here to search and/or pay your taxes on-line.
Transaction fees will apply when paying taxes on-line.  Before finalizing your payment you will be asked to agree to the fee amount.  No fee is charged or retained by the Collector, her office or Johnson County.  Other businesses pay this fee from the profit of a sale, however, there is no profit in collecting taxes, therefore, according to RMSo 139.055 passed in 2005, the cost is charged only to those that choose to pay by electronic method.  Fees by the processing company are set as follows: $2.75 flat fee per transaction for eChecks, $3.95 flat fee for Visa Signature Personal Debit Card and 3.0% of payment amount for all Credit and non-Visa Debit Cards.


CASH, CHECK, MONEY ORDER, CREDIT, OR DEBIT CARDS ACCEPTED.  No Credit Card Checks accepted.  These are promotional offers and cannot be pre-approved. 

   Payments will be returned to taxpayer if the full and correct amount including any penalties and interest is not received.  Receipt cannot be issued until payment in full is received (including penalties and interest if paid after December 31 of the year in which the taxes were due).  All funds must be distributed at the end of each month.  

If more than one year of tax is owed on a parcel or account number, the oldest year must be paid first.  (RSMo 140.110)