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I want to change the name and address on my real estate. 
When a tract of land is sold, a deed or other legal document is filed in the County Recorderís office.  These transfers are provided to the Assessor as provided by law.  The Assessorís office updates the ownership and mailing address based on the information on the deeds.  The address can be changed in the Assessorís office, however , the name or legal description is incorrect, a corrected deed will need to be recorded in order to change the information on the Assessorís records.  Contact the Real Estate Department of the Assessorís office to discuss any changes. 

Neighborhood Improvement District.  Some rural subdivisions have applied for and created Neighbrood Improvement District for road construction.  The landowners within the boundries can choose to pay their portion of the project in full or in a repayment plan included on their taxes.  The special assessment is listed as a line item on the tax bill until paid in full and is collected in the same manner as taxes of the County are collected.   This short-term increase will affect homeowners with escrow accounts and should be discussed with your lender.  It may create a shortage the first year and then result in an increase of  your monthly mortgage payments.  Once the NID special assessment is paid in full, your payments will go back down and may result in a refund from your escrow account on the final year unless you notify your lender in advance.  If you want to discuss this on an individual basis, please call and make an appointment with the County Collector, Ruthane Small.  660-747-5531

Property sold at Courthouse steps. In Missouri, any property that has three years of unpaid tax, must be offered by the County Collector for public auction to satisfy unpaid taxes, interest, penalties and costs.   See Delinquent Tax Sale on this website for more information on Tax Sales. Foreclosure sales are quite different and do not have as many restrictions.  Foreclosures are sales conducted by a legal representative for a lienholder when a borrower becomes delinquent on their repayment of loan.  Notices of foreclosure sales are not required to be posted or reported to any office in the Courthouse.  They just use the "public" facility in which to hold the sales.  Once ownership transfers as a result of a foreclosure, either back to the bank or to a successful bidder, a deed is recorded in the Johnson County Recorder's office. 

Tax Credits & Homestead Exemptions. There are no funds or provisions in Missouri law that allows for any credit on the County level.  However, there are two programs offered by the State of Missouri for those that qualify.  See special section for Tax Credits.