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In order to license a vehicle or trailer, the State of Missouri requires a paid tax receipt or certificate of non-assessment (exemption or waiver) for the preceding year.  If you choose a two-year renewal period--you must present two years of tax receipts to insure that the vehicle was properly identified on each year's tax.  See Missouri law 301.025 for complete details. 

Several options to obtain paid personal property tax verification:

1. Stop by the office to obtain a duplicate receipt.  Missouri law 139.090 requires a $1.00 fee for any duplicate personal property tax receipt.

2.  All license bureaus in the State of Missouri have access to look-up and review paid personal property taxes for Johnson County.  Since 1999, we have transmitted paid tax information to Jefferson City DOR.  We update the information at the beginning of each month and it is loaded into a centralized data base for license bureaus and for on-line renewal.   It is still recommended that you retain your receipts for licensing to expedite the process.  Click here for a list of those counties in MO that provide paid personal property tax information to the DOR.

3.  You can print an "unofficial" paid tax receipt from the on-line payment and search section of this website, however, you will need to confirm with the license bureau you choose if they will accept it. 

4.  If all other options have been explored, we will fax a receipt ONLY to a license bureau or another County Collector's office.  You must obtain the fax number for that office and obtain permission that they will accept the fax. 

The State of Missouri DOR offers an on-line license plate renewal option, however, the data entry is very sensitive and specific.  The instructions on the State's website require you to enter your name exactly as it appears on your tax receipt (meaning no nicknames if you report full names on your personal property assessment list) and should be entered with LAST NAME, FIRST NAME              Example:  Taxpayer, Thomas T & Tammy   

If you did not own a vehicle on January 1 or were not a Missouri resident on January 1, you may be eligible for a WAIVER (EXEMPTION).  Please contact the Assessor's office to determine your status.

I am active-duty MILITARY claiming another State of Residency but I want Missouri license plates.  What do I need?  Under the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act of 1940, you shall not be subject to the same tax in two states.  In lieu of a paid tax receipt, you must present your Leave & Earnings Statement verifying your State of Residency.  If you claim Missouri, you are only subject to Missouri tax, not any other State. 

When you expire from a two-year license plate, you will need to present two years of tax receipts.  This may seem a little silly, because you say, I would have had to pay last year before you would accept this year's tax.  That is true, however, the license bureau needs to see that the vehicle you are licensing was properly listed on both year's tax.

See Personal Property section for more information regarding personal property tax.